About us

Hensel Germany, Headquarters.

For almost 60 years Hensel has developed and produced, to the highest quality, flash units, studio equipment and accessories for professional photographers.

Over the years, Hensel has become a leading manufacturer with importers and dealers in more than 70 countries.

Today it is one of the most innovative manufacturers on the market. The equipment meets the highest quality standards and delivers the best performance. And we are proud of that.


5 years ago we took over the sales of Hensel. 

The first year was therefore mainly about building up and renewal. A new location, 4 experience centers, many new products launched, new website, new web shop and a completely new team.
After a year of hard work we once again had a professional import company and we could continue to build on the future. This we have certainly done! We were able to close 2019 with a very positive feeling. With a mountain of new contacts and customers, we go into the future full of confidence.

We did all this with a fantastic team. Full of passion for photography, beautiful light and an eye for the client.  Each from his or her own beautiful locations.