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Every studio has softboxes, beautydishes, flashes and reflectors but where do you leave them when you’re not using them? Often they are on the floor somewhere or (dismantled) in / on a closet and just when you need one, it is nowhere to be found or even worse, it gets damaged or dirty. That’s where we have the solution!

The HENKO mounting system consists of a 125cm or 250cm rail with 2 suspension hooks and a number of (optional) adapters. These adapters are available for the following brands: Hensel, Bowens, Godox, Profoto, Elinchrom and Broncolor. The adapters ensure that softboxes, flashes, beautydish and reflectors can be mounted on the rail. The rail can be mounted both horizontally and vertically.

In addition to adapters for the light shapers, there is also an adapter to hang flash units on this system so that they too are safely and neatly tidy.

Watch a short timelapse video about this product here