220 Alum. statief compact

106,00 excl.

The stand has two air-damped extensions that are locked in place with a sturdy metal clamping device. The aluminum pipes have diameters between 20 – 24 mm and were high-quality anodized in a matt black. A firmly attached 3/8” stand pin ensures a secure connection between stand and device.

Especially in the simple things we see time and again how a well thought-out solution can make your daily work so much easier!

  • Very small packing dimensions (58,5 cm)
  • Max. capacity 5 kg
  • Low weight (1,25 kg) & high-quality anodized
  • Sturdy design with aluminum pipes from 20 to 24 mm diameter
  • Two air-damped stand extensions
  • Small, light, durable & very sturdy
  • Stand extensions, locking with screws / aluminum cast clamping parts
  • Designed by Hensel & „Made in Italy“

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